MARCH 2018

Studio visit with Eric Croes : March 19th


For several years Eric Croes (born in La Louvière in 1978, lives and works in Brussels) has been concentrating on developing themes close to his heart through the medium of ceramic.

Like numerous artists of his generation, the sculptor Eric Croes re-appropriates
 techniques and customs which have for a long time been juxtaposed. The adherence 
to art or to craftsmanship, to tradition or modernity, to art or design, to manual
or technological tools, has often helped define his works. Through his personal 
interests and practice, Eric Croes goes beyond these pseudo antagonisms and 
invites us to witness a unique practice, the joy of working in the studio, a return 
to «doing» and the pleasure of DIY and working with your hands.

The artist’s aesthetic is inextricably linked to mythology and the 
universe of the bestiary, both in emotional terms and in relation to form.

Eric Croes
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