September 2015

 BRUSSELS ART DAYS September 11- 13


Participate to this year’s edition of the Brussels Art Days on September 13th.

We’ll start with a VIP brunch and studio visits at La Cambre (only for members).

We’ll then visit a series of galleries where we will be received by gallerists and receive a small guided tour. We’ll end with a drink and visit of the 186AvLouise exhibition : 3000 sqm curated by Amandine Wittouck.

20 artists received a space to invest. Jean-Basptiste Bernadet, Marcel Berlanger, Fabryce Samyn, Sanam Khatibi, Sebastien Bonin, Sophie Whettnal, Lionel Estève, Nadjim Zoubir, Céline Gillain, Stéphanie Rolland, David De Tcharner,…





sothebys new logo

Sotheby’s kindly invites us to a brunch at Maison Particulière at the occasion of their new exhibition Pair(e) on September 19th


From peers to pairs, from parity to disparity, from parent to heir apparent. They do not necessarily collect as a pair, nor do they necessarily collect the same works of art, nor have they (necessarily) been collection for the same lenght of time… but they are collection – or rather, sharing the same passion for rare objects for art.

They go as peers, sometimes forming a pair. The object they love and choose are beyond compare. Do their respective collections forme an add parity with the others ?

Limited access event
* Black & Whithe SPARK members will have priority
* Max 20 pers
* More info please contact us


STUDIO VISIT : Kendell Geers :September 16th


Kendell Geers invites us in his studio in Brussels.

Born in South Africa and now lives and works in Brussels. Geers creates work that aims to disrupt commonly accepted moral codes and principles. Employing a wide range of references- from the realms of history of art, pornography, iconography and kitsch-

Geers questions artistic value and mocks the notion of originality. His works often startle the eye and require a degree of interrogation from the spectator.

Limited access event  max 15 pers
* Black SPARK members will have priority
* More info please contact us

Kendell Geers