14-17 November: VIP access to Art Düsseldorf

SPARK is pleased to offer VIP invitations for Art Düsseldorf, from 15 to 17 November. These invitations also give access to the preview on November 14th, as well as to the fair’s VIP programme.

For SPARK Members only.

28 November, 7pm: Private collection visit: Marc & Brigitte De Backer

Marc and Brigitte, SPARK members of honor, are delighted to invite you to discover their collection and its evolution throughout the years. They started to collect photographs by American artists from the 80’s. Later on, the collection was extended to painting and sculpture. Their beautiful collection is essentially figurative and represents many artists interested in appropriation.

The visit will be followed by a walking dinner.

For SPARK Members and SPARK Friends. Please rsvp by Sunday, 24 November. 


10 December, 7pm: Collection visit: Galila Barzilaï – Hollander

Contemporary art collector Galila Barzilaï-Hollander has opened a vast exhibition space in an old industrial building renovated by Corbisier Architects. Located near WIELS, Clearing and Foundation A Stichting, she presents a first exhibition entitled “Overdose” devoted to a part of her astonishing collection. Galila’s P.O.C. (Passion – Obsession – Collection) will not only be a place for the exhibition of her collection, but will also open itself to a wide audience through educational and social activities that are part of a plan to democratise art.

SPARK invites you to discover the collection before it opens for the grand public in January. The visit will be followed by a cocktail reception afterwards in order to kick off the end of year celebrations in style!

For SPARK Members and SPARK Friends. Please rsvp by Wednesday, 4 December.